Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hot Rough Days

I think my legs are going to fall off. I worked them very hard over the last two days and lets just say they are very sore. Yesterday I met up with 1st Marathon and started my running program. I plan on being in good enough shape to compete in the PF Chang's Rock N' Roll Marathon on January 17th. I have not done anything physical since the attempt at the Ironman last April, so lets just say the 2 mile run was a real eye opener. It hurt.

Today I met some friends up at Saguaro Lake and we went on a 5 mile hike. There were tons of hills and the temperature really became a factor quickly out there on the trail. Eventually down the road a little bit I plan on jogging this course, but today it was just a slow painful walk.

My legs are very sore right now, so I know I will need to stretch them out very well tonight before I go to bed or I will not even be able to move them tomorrow. Anyways I will keep you posted on my progress.

Friday, July 25, 2008

"Big" Day Tomorrow

I signed up for a sprint triathlon a couple months ago, and it has arrived. Tomorrow is the Chances For Children triathlon. Chances For Children is a non-profit organization that helps kids fight childhood obesity by creating physical fitness, and education programs focusing on the importance of good nutrition and being active.

Even though it is a sprint triathlon I still do not think I am in good enough shape to participate. I thought that I May just volunteer in the morning, but then I decided I would run in the 5k race instead. I think it will be a good gauge of my current fitness level. If anything else I thing it will help motivate me to be more active in these hot summer months. I have a treadmill, I need to stop using the 110* heat outside as an excuse.

Wish me luck.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Well it has been a while. Like most of you, I have been crazy busy with work. I went to a concert tonight at the outdoor amphitheater and got drilled by the monsoon. The wind was blowing hard, and the rain was falling like crazy. The first two bands played through the storm, and they played well. The headliner never came out to perform. After waiting over an hour out in the hard rain the promoter came on stage and said it would be another hour before they would decide if the remaining concert would be cancelled or not. Well it was an easy decision for me... I bolted and got in the warm dry car.

Being so busy with work lately I have not been able to count every single calorie, and I am fine with that. Hey I just want to dance! As long as I feel good, am exercising, and keep a positive attitude I figure I should be fine.

Side note: you can find some of my wedding pics at

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tomorrow Is A New Day

Weight = 263

I just had a great quick workout on the treadmill. I think I am going to do this quite often. It was fun, challenging, and it was over quick.

Min X Incline:

2 x 0
2 x 4
2 x 6
2 x 8
2 x 10
2 x 12

then back down:

2 x 12
2 x 10
2 x 8
2 x 6
2 x 4
2 x 2
2 x 0

Anyways it was 28 minutes of fun.

This was the worst day of the diet by far. I tripled my daily intake because I gave into temptation at lunch with my coworkers this afternoon and I gave in tonight with some candy as well. I have failed. Tomorrow is a new day and I need to stay focused and make it count towards my goal.

Resting metabolic rate = 1642

Caloric intake = 2936

Exercise = 274

Caloric Surplus = 1020

Never Happened

Weight 263

My friend Ben and I have a training policy between us that clearly states "If a workout wasn't recorded, it never happened."

Well... last night I was getting in a great workout on the treadmill. I was working up a sweat and my heart rate was right where I wanted it to be. I was feeling great as I watched "Lord of War" with Nicholas Cage. Then just as everything was in full swing the power went out. Damn. I lost all of my distance and caloric information, it all got reset back to zero. I was so frustrated I did not even bother turning the movie back on. My workout was over, and guess what - it never happened because it could not be recorded.

Resting metabolic rate = 1642

Caloric intake = 1254

Exercise = 0

Caloric deficit = 388

On the brighter side of things, my photographer posted some photos from the wedding. We should have all of then in a couple weeks. These photographers were awesome, and I think they did a wonderful job.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Do The Twist

I was pulling weeds in 115* weather yesterday (Sunday) afternoon and it sucked. I became totally drained of energy and it threw my entire body out of whack. I felt dizzy and nauseous and when I came inside I started to get the cold chills. This weather is no joke. Hats and sunscreen are a must from now on. Exercise felt out of the question at the time.
Resting metabolic rate = 1642
Calories consumed = 1455
Exercise = 0
Caloric deficit = 187
Last night (Monday) I took my dog Franklin out for about a half mile walk. As we were returning home I somehow twisted my knee. It was not a sharp pain but more of an uncomfortable somethings not right pain. I knew better then to press the issue and go ahead with my scheduled jog. With my weight and my current level of fitness I am going to listen to my body when it tells me to chill out for a while.
Resting metabolic rate = 1642
Calories consumed = 1867
Exercise = 0
Caloric Surplus = 225

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Two Thumbs Up

Last night was the Tim McGraw concert and wedding "thank you letters" night. Tim McGraw sure can put on an entertaining show, and from the looks of it he is not short on female fans. The girls were going crazy and everybody had a great time. My handwriting is horrible, so Misti wrote the letters and my job was to stuff'em, lick'em, and stamp'em. After finishing up around 11:30pm I was not completely sold on working out. I promised myself I would have to double-up one day this weekend to make up for it.

Resting metabolic rate = 1642

Calories consumed = 1258

Excercise = 0

Caloric deficit = 384

I woke up this morning feeling great. I jumped on the treadmill and had a great workout. I jogged for 35 minutes with 8x30 second bursts of full out running mixed in. I ended up with 2.24 fun miles. It felt great to have a workout completed before the day had even really started.

Tonight my goal was to watch "The Other Bolyn Girl" while walking / jogging on the treadmill for 5.29 miles. It was a good movie and a great workout. With it being over 115* outside I have a feeling there are going to be many trips to Blockbuster.

Resting metabolic rate = 1642

Calories consumed = 2027

Excercise = 1004

Caloric deficit = 619

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good Times

Today's weight = 265

So far so good! I was happy to see that I lost another pound this morning. I just need to keep up the hard work and stay disciplined. When my wife sent me out to the Sonic tonight to pick up an m&m blast (shake), I was very tempted. I just placed it in the drink holder and ignored it as I drove it back home and safely delivered the goods untouched. Last week I would have ordered my own and it would have disappeared quickly. It was a small victory, but it still counts.

Thanks for the responses and feedback on the new version of FATASS. This time I promise to keep it going strong. I just got a little overwhelmed last time, but more on that at a later date.

With the temp over 115* today I had no choice but to stay in and get on the treadmill. I had a good time walking at a decent clip and watching a new movie called Semi Pro with Will Ferrell, it has been very funny so far. I hope to finish it tomorrow morning during my workout.

I was able to cover 3.55 miles and burn 444 calories tonight all while laughing my ass off watching Semi Pro. Good times.

Resting metabolic rate = 1642
Calories consumed = 1431
Exercise = 444

Caloric deficit = 655

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Get Up And Fight Some More

Today’s weight = 266

I have been on a sugar ban for the past few days and I am dropping pounds like crazy. I figure I can kick my sugar addiction and dependence if I can go two weeks with out a gram of sugar (excluding those found in fruits and vegetables). I know that the first few pounds are the easiest, but I am still very encouraged. Mentally I need to be strong enough to stick with the new lifestyle when I am tempted to drop it. My downfall in the past has always been my inability to immediately get back on track after I have succumbed to a particular food temptation.

I need to accept the fact there will be some small failures along the way; it inevitably is going to happen. The question is: How am I going to deal with it? I will accept the failure, learn from it, get back on track, and move on towards better health.
Do time time constraints my run scheduled for tonight will be postponed until tomorrow morning. Also, this weekend I will write and post some pictures of the wedding and honeymoon.

As a side note, I realized just how long an NBA game truly is last night. I got on the treadmill at the beginning of the second quarter of the NBA championship and completed my one hour session just before they tipped off for the second half.

Resting metabolic rate = 1642
Calories consumed = 1385
Exercise = 0

Caloric Deficit = 257

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back To The Grind

Day two of the new lifestyle and I found myself not only looking at the labels on food packaging, but I actually stepped upon the treadmill. It felt good to get back on the treadmill. I have decided to start my new exercise program at very easy intensity. The last thing that I need right now is to get hurt and use that as an excuse to be lazy.

I spent one hour on the treadmill, burned 437 calories, and covered 3.41 miles with an overall heart rate of 136. Not bad. I need to find a new place to start swimming again, my membership to the YMCA expired just before Misti and I left to Salt Lake for the wedding.


Resting Metabolic Rate = 1642
Calories consumed = 1335
Exercise = 437

Calorie Deficit = 745

Monday, June 16, 2008

A New Begining

Today's weight = 272

The first day of my new healthy lifestyle has been pretty uneventful. Monday's are my day off, so I will not be working out today. I am looking forward to getting back into shape with an easy bike and swim scheduled for tomorrow.

Resting metabolic rate = 1642
Calories consumed = 1827
Calorie Surplus = 185