Monday, June 11, 2007

Trying To Keep It Positive

Am I in shape? No. Am I in better shape? I think so.

As we all know I went into my last triathlon in very bad shape, and it showed as I finished second to last, not in my age group, but overall. I am still not in shape, but I do feel as though I am a little closer to it.

I have three races on the horizon that are sneaking up on me:
July 1 - Battle at Midway Triathlon - Olympic Distance
July 22 - Mountain Man Triathlon - Sprint Distance
Aug 4 - Desperado Dual - 100 Mile Bike Race

Even if the lungs are not there for me physically, mentally I am confident I can push my way through the hard times and mental barriers that I ran into during the last race.

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Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

key word in that post. Finished. Keep that in mind. Think of all of those people who never even leave the couch.