Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Am What I Eat

Morning Thoughts:
I am learning that the 1500-1800 calorie limit each day is more then achievable. The hard part has not been any sort of physical hunger, it has been mental weakness. There are ups and downs, and some days are better then others, but I am feeling great overall about my new lifestyle change.

Nutrition Report
Daily Calorie Intake - 1,674 cals
Fat - 31.9%
Protein - 20.3%
Carbohydrates - 47.7%

I have lost about ten pounds so far and I am feeling great. I figure the since I can only eat between 1500-1800 calories a day, they might as well be good calories. When I do have a mental slip and eat something I should not have I can definitely feel the difference. When I mix in some greasy fast food into my diet, it makes me feel physically lousy. I guess the lesson learned is awful food makes you feel awful.


What do you eat before your races? I have not been eating any sort of pre race meal. I might grab a banana on the way to the race and chug a glass of water, but that is about it. I am really starting to wonder how much of my poor race performances lately are due to a lack of a pre-race meal. Any suggestions?


Comm's said...

I really dig PB and Honey sandwichs. They stick to my stomach. Pretty much my default breakfast any morning, but especially LSD and race morning

IM Able said...

I definitely eat before races! If I don't, I'm a total mess. (This past weekend is a perfect example!)

My race morning routine usually is a big bowl of cereal with ff milk, a Dannon Light and Fit yogurt drink, and a Dunkin Donuts coffee. And I start drinking early.

A great piece of advice I heard from (i think it was) FeLady a while ago? While eating a big meal the night before is fine to top off the tanks, stay away from bulk. Not to be too gross, but it's gotta go somewhere unless your willing to carrying around with you the next day! Now I skip the pasta dinner the night before and have grains like brown rice or couscous, and a modest portion of protein, veggies and (always) mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Okay, the last one is just a quirk.


Andy said...

Peanut butter and eggs. And ALWAYS COFFEE to clean out right before the race.Then I've always got a pre-race Drink, Carbo pro was my last. My goals are 375 cal/hour(at least for the 1/2 IM. So I just walk around transition drinkin on that bottle. So I know I've got close to 800 calories before race time.
Ok. by body fat% or ratio of pounds lost Tony? Then let's figure a race after IM for the bet.