Friday, June 22, 2007

Times They Are A Change'n

Starting tomorrow, as a motivational tool and to put my post into some sort of context, I am going to start adding the bare bone facts of my training at the beginning of each post followed by the days remaining until Ironman Arizona.

The nutrition plan has been working great, I have been losing weight without feeling that I am starving myself or feeling tired. As far as my training the numbers are starting to show improvement. I have been pretty consistent with my workouts which in the past has always been a problem.

This Sunday the AzTriClub, my Tri club, is conducting what they call an underground Triathlon. Basically it is a triathlon without all of the rules and the pressure of a race, plus it is free. I have a great time with this group, and I learn something new each time. I am really looking forward to getting in an open water swim plus working on my transitions.

Next week I am off to Utah for an Olympic distance race called "The Battle At Midway." It should be a great race, plus it is going to be a blast seeing my family again. There are some very nice bike routes up there, and it is going to be nice getting out of this 115 degree garbage. I plan on getting some serious training time in while I am up there.


LBTEPA said...

Race hard and have fun :)

Andy said...

See ya Sunday Buddy

Rodrigo said...

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Brent Buckner said...

Nice that training and nutrition are on a good trajectory!

Comm's said...

I would kinda like to do BAM some time. Have fun and thanks for coming out Sunday. We all really enjoy spending time with you.